Metamorphosis. A Poem by Robin Ouzman Hislop


as the surge on the wave 
breaks to spray
turbulence becomes a vortex
a twisted relationship
between gravity and entropy
do the spiral galaxies dream
here in the helix of my heart
on on on the vortex trembles

the frozen rhythm of the traffic
outside like a broken melody
in the green foliage of the garden
new patterns appear everything living 
within a rhythm another personage 

world within endless worlds 
water & sand passed 
neither glass nor mirror 
through which one cannot pass
to a mirage wherein quivers a trace
beyond recall 	        metamorphosis

an alchemy of elements that assume 
their form with intent an event 
time reached in an unfathomable breach
the incomprable magnitude of multiplicty 
a world in all of its ever existences
transitioned into until now 
a universe 
that  devours & regurgitates itself 

time a dimension that 
ripples with its rhythms 
into a pattern of events 
transformed into entelechy 
in eternal metamorphosis 
a demiurge 
where fury of fire flood quake drought 
or rage of apocalypse	 
exploding skies  creeping pestilence 

or us between in a nebulous 
symbiotic moment 
where devils are angels & angels devils	
as nature in its rags & glory roams 
its own wilderness lost & found 
as life flows on
in eternal metamorphosis