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collaborated with her friend PATRICK DeBAUCHE To produce this stunning combination of her poetry and his artwork.

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has had her work showcased on the Aylad website and won first prize in the Aylad satirical poetry competition. She is mainly a writer of fiction but branches into poetry from time to time, especially humorous poetry.

All Of God's Perfection
© Lisa Petty 1998

gently and rhythmically
you draw your quiet breaths.
the longest lashes overlap
your eyelids
closed so softly,
and lie perfectly
on your rose-colored cheeks.
auburn hair
cascades across your forehead.
perfect eyebrows fade to match.
brilliant skin glides across
the most perfect little nose.
picture-perfect tiny lips
rise to smile,
as your sweet slumber
brings you perfect dreams.
surely God sat back
in all of His perfection
when He created you,
and smiled too.

© Lisa Petty

My life is a dichotomy,
I act or I react
I think Iím this, Iím really that,
Iím fiction, then Iím fact.

I lie, I cheat, I listen
I never lend an ear,
Iím honest and Iím faithful
I care, or I donít care.

I say I will, but then I donít
I shall and then I shanít
I will, and then some days I wonít
And sometimes I just canít.

I do it right, I do it well,
I do it all half-assed
I drag it out the whole day through,
I do it really fast.

I said I would, but I forgot,
I donít forget a promise
I believe in all I say and do,
Iím such a doubting Thomas.

Iím here in body, not in soul,
Iím into what I do
I really cannot stand you
Iím so in love with you.

My life is a dichotomy
I just looked up the word,
To say that it is something else
Is really quite absurd.

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is a regular contributor and critic on the AYLAD newsgroup and has had several poems and stories published over the years.

© 1998 Joyce Tres

A true man's man standing
in the middle of the fire.
A soul-shifter embellishing
stories for every situation.
Life was sporting to you
and love was the same.
It was capture and surrender
I could only enjoy the ride.
You did everything with a
passionate virtuosity; I
was young and impressionable
you wore me out. I enjoyed
your good times, but it was
your lovemaking I remember with
great fondness. I've never met
another with your appetite.
Now when we meet we have the
same twinkle in our eyes.

Our memory is a sweet torture.

© 1998 Joyce Tres

The emotional letting
felt deeply inside.
No tactile place
this heart of mine.
Then passion rose
from dormant state.
To be seen in your
blue eyes again. Our
love, our passion were
one and same to come and
go as though a flame. But
the touching of souls was
placed aside, to be withheld
at will, thus denied. What to fill
or bridge the gap, or slay what
ghosts, or fill what holes; to
penetrate our fortress still
to touch our souls at lover's will?

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