Poetry Life & Times February 2002 Continued:


One of these poets will win a prize for their Valentine poem - winner announced next month.

What We May Call This
© Cyril Wong

Holding each other's gazes
like lonely hands across a field of dark,
          we may call this love
for the crippling inability to define this,
as our solitudes rise and fall like wings
on a single butterfly,
each destination in time a gratifying flower.

© Cara Alson 1980
Published: Glowing Embers, 1984

You touched my heart
with your eyes,
You embraced my soul
with your words.
You accepted me.
And I was not afraid.

Valentine Rose
© The Quill 2002

My valentine I give you my hand drawn red rose.
It will always be in blossom
and never to drop a single petal.
You can take anywhere
it needs no water or special care.
Its ever living never dying
as my... LOVE!

My Love
© Charlotte Gai Mair

No love could be so deep
or float so high
as when we share a kiss

le Saint-Denis (à Louis-Dominique)
© Richard Vallance,
février/ February, 2002

Te souviens-tu de la soirée
où l’on a dîné tranquillement dans le faubourg
Saint-Denis [1], sous la lune toujours moirée
dont le silence resplendit dès aujourd'hui d'amour?

[1] Il s'agit du faubourg Saint-Denis à Montréal,
plutôt que du quartier à Paris.

Translation into "literal" English prose

Do you recall the evening
when we dined at our entire leisure in the quartier
Saint-Denis,[1] beneath the lambent moon
whose silence will forever remain resplendent with love?

[1] I am referring to quartier Saint-Denis in Montréal, not in Paris.

Transliteration into English Verse

Do you as well as I recall the night
we dined alone together in Saint-Denis,
as over Montréal her cool moon's light
eclipsed the moon of all too fickle Paris!

© Jan Sand

The moon in its phases
Conjures the phrases
Of Valentine dazes.
Whether gibbous or bloated,
When verses are floated
On hormones emoted,
The sphere we name Luna
Is, later or soona,
When munching on tuna
Or gulping down gin,
The source of chagrin
If evokes a grin
Instead of great passion
In second month fashion.
So put all your cash on
The hope it inspires
Emotional fires
Fulfilling desires.

Last word from the Editor (not entered in contest)

© Sara L. Russell 1998

I always loved kisses,
molten and sweet,
which leave the lips humbled,
trembling, replete.
I remember so often,
so many, such time
as when kisses spoke love
within smooth, silent mime
and in recent days
when their touch became less
how my lips thirsted
for some such caress
and so it went on
for thirsty, long years
- then you kissed me, last night
and my eyes filled with tears.

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