Sara Russell: Bibliography

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NEW: QUICKIES is fun, funky and often rather naughty! Less trouble than men, less fattening than chocolate, this collection of stories could help women readers to beat those winter blues. Sara co-wrote the stories with Patricia DiMiere, whom she met in a writers' group. *Parental Advisory:Adult content.
$12.50   Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press, ISBN 1-878431-42-0

SPIDERS & GLIDERS Sara Russell's epic 3D-style illustrated adult science fiction story set in Europe's future in a unified European superstate. The heroine is a diminutive Dutch woman who totes a laser bazooka.*Parental Advisory: Adult content.
$12.50   Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press, ISBN 1-878431-37-4

A WAY WITH WORDS (Poetry Real and Surreal) - Sara has a poetry collection on this CD, along with three other poets, whom she met on a Usenet poetry newsgroup. The other poets are: Jan Sand, Dale M. Houstman and Keith Gabriel Hendricks. Extensively illustrated, with sound recitals.
$12.50   Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press, ISBN 1-878431-29-3

PINKY'S LITTLE BOOK OF SHADOWS - Sara Russell's first CD with Kedco was a pioneering product, as it features 19 video poetry recitals (by Sara at home in the UK), also WAV recitals and web-based poetry pages with title graphics by talented Australian artist Graham Ramsay. The CD was put together by email over 6 months. Featured in The Mirror, UK national paper.
$12.50   Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press, ISBN 1-878431-21-8


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