Lines from England to the USA

My page for the USA following events of Sept 11th 2001

A PRESENT FROM TODAY © Sara L. Russell Post a present to yourself from today into tomorrow. Lay out all your clothes the night before. Break the routine, travel a different way, linger over breakfast, stop to watch the pigeons. Catch a different train, drop your bags, miss your flight, survive. * (Dedicated to Fergie, the Duchess of York, who was delayed in a taxi on her way to the World Trade Center and escaped death) MYSTERIOUS WAYS © Sara L. Russell, Sept. 15th, 2001 For the workings of God are of love; the workings of man are of hate. War is the pretext and the uniform of hate, it knows no boundaries, it measures its foes by their deeds, it takes eyes for eyes in the name of holiness. For the woman who wakes in bed without the warm skin of man beside her, For the child who remembers again in the morning the loss of an afternoon, In the death of the faith in God through the betrayal of man, we reached for You, we sought You, and found You gone. Even as we walked through the valley of the shadow of death, we feared all evil, for You were not with us, Your rod and Your staff deserted us. From Guardian Angels 2: FEATHERS (The voice of Raphael) © Sara L. Russell, 28th April, 2000 I'll wrap you in feathers deep in enfolded wings crown you with petals each one for your sufferings I am the keeper of all the thoughts in your head mine is the shadow you thought you saw by the bed Your sorrow's my dark jet your tears my freshwater pearls I live in your tiger eyes where deep water swirls I'll kiss your crescent mouth when it will not smile wrap you in feathers carry you one last mile.

I send out my love and best wishes to all my friends in America,
including Mercedes and Claude, Joyce Tres, Elaine, Kriss, Chauncey
and Robin at Kedco Studios, Dale and Dottie Edwards, Big Don,
all of my brother-in-law Andy's family, Val Magnusun, David Jackson, Charlotte
Mair and all members of the Describe_Adonis and Narcissus_Reflects groups.
This page is dedicated to you, to everyone who lost their lives
or someone they loved, and in particular to all of the brave
New York Firemen, who died trying to save other people

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