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David Davis

Melrose Evening © David Davis

The scent of orange trees
Tickles my nose
As I walk along the lane
In Melrose.
Old times
And relatives passed on,
Are a feast of memories.
The absent dock
And the pear trees that stood
At Santa Fe Bay
Are still in my heart.
Two stray dogs
Caper beside me;
Barking ghosts of those
That followed me
When I was knee high.
A pale moon hides her face
Behind the cypress trees
Near Black Pond.
An Osprey sits her nest,
Waiting for the night,
While frogs and 'gators
Sing in the swamp.
The evening whispers
All is well,
And things
Are just as they should be.
We take our place
On the wheel of life
In cosmic order.
All is;
And all shall be,

Cartoon by David Davis

Ode To Lost Youth
© David Davis

I once attended Woodstock
With vigor, "abs" and zoom.
When I recall those golden days
I lock my daughter in her room.

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