Poetry By Carla Dodd

Untitled 2
© Carla Dodd

Fingertips brush
gently at first
a wave that rises
down to the palm
rolling softly back
stopping to circle
the center of that soft round
rising to meet its touch
before the palm slides down
and lifts gently
for the warm wet kisses
of a hungry mouth
licking and playing
nibbling and biting
sending its code
swimming heat
diving deeper.

Valentine Wish
© Carla Dodd

What I really want
Is to feel your hunger
Know that when I walk into a room
Your eyes will seek out mine
Burning deep into my mind
Striking the spark into flame
That slowly licks my ear
Pulls softly at my mouth
Devouring and tasting its way
Soft wet kisses down the neck
Hot breath traveling my throat
Touching and teasing my breasts
Hard and urgent, soft and wet
Feeling my body rise and arch
As the urgency of that hungry glance
Plants its soft wet kisses round my thighs
Pulsing a rhythmic response deep inside
Unlocking an erotic flood gate
So that when your gaze wills your body forth
Your eyes will unlock the ravenous will
To slip quickly behind the door
Tearing away clothes and inhibitions
Lock moistening erect bodies in an intimate exhausting dance
Until the hunger devours us both.

Secret passion *
© Carla Dodd

The cursor bright
in his midnight loneliness
blinks a message onto his screen

tell me your desire

he closes his eyes
sighs deeply
flesh rising in his imagination
and hot between his thighs

the words tease
let me taste you and touch you

darkness blocks out
all else
save her sultry voice
he can almost touch her
far away
but intimate
in her knowledge
stroke his skin
taste his flesh
plunge wet and deep
to the base
of his hunger
hot embrace
of desire

Damp and sated
from his hunger
exhausted and drunk
with passion's wine
he falls back
from the cursor
closes his eyes
and imagines
his hands buried
in her damp hair
lips touching
pleasure-flushed face
in slumber

* Erotique's Secret Drawer Challenge Winner,
April 2001 - click the link at the bottom of this page
to find out how to enter each month

A Second Kiss
© Carla Dodd

First kiss tastes of innocence
as hand brushes cheek
eyes slowly close
lips softly part
to take
a butterfly

eyes are wide
circling your colors and curves and angles

Breathing grows deeper
filling a draught
deep drunk with your scent

Touch comes soft and slow
over velvet skin
tingling warm
pore by pore rising
plunged in soft hair

pulling mouth
to mouth
hungry wolf

Ice cream
© Carla Dodd

Your cool oasis
long and lean
shimmering in sunlight
icy and fresh

It is

The pavement steams
the city undulates
its flesh.

Caramel and chocolate
and vanilla skin
is faded and pale
in summer sweat.

Can I dip my tongue
into your coolness?

Let me taste your ice
tickling my lips
bathe your crystals
in my heat
until your frost...


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