Announcing my new science fiction novel on CD ROM


Presented by Kedco Artist Profile Press:

by Sara L. Russell.
I.S.B.N. : 1-878431-37-4

SPIDERS AND GLIDERS is an adult science fiction story, a satirical political story and a love story, set in a future where Europe has become a highly left-wing superstate, called The E.N.G.R. - The European New Green Republic. A glamorous Dutch E.N.G.R. agent, Hannie Peters, is sent to spy on the notorious masked terrorist/revolutionary, Greyston Powell (from the Euro State of England), and finds herself in all kinds of trouble.

Here are two of the illustrations (smaller than actual size on CD).

Spiders & Gliders is an "all-singing, all-dancing" kind of book. Each chapter is extensively illustrated with 3D-style jpegs and animated gifs. Some of these took a long time to do. I designed them with the assistance of 3D programs such as Fractal Design Poser. The 3D style can give the facial expressions of the characters extra emotional, life-like qualities.

The theme music and other midis on the CD are my compositions, apart from Gymnopodie No. 1 by Satie and several other classical pieces, sequenced by Midi Music copyrighted by Bob (Notes) Norton of Norton Music,
Gene Egger, Barry Taylor and the Classical Organ midis of Mark Anthony Williams

* Also featured - An exclusive collection of 10 poems - THE LOST BOOK OF TUBERLANTIS - translated from the Spudscrit by The Potato of Terror. These chronicle the tragic life of a drowned tuber city and the rantings of an insane potato bard, many of whose poems were lost beneath the sea. Many of the accompanying midis are from The Planets Suite by Holst. The terrifying, gut-wrenching poem "Revenge of the Jelly Men" is accompanied by the rousing music of Holst's "Mars".

This CD contains text and illustrations of a sexual nature, also occasional moderate violence and adult language.

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