Announcing my new poetry CD rom, with video and audio recitals:

pinky CD page Presented by Kedco Artist Profile Press:
Pinky's Little Book of Shadows
by Pinky Andrexa /aka/ Sara L. Russell.

Video recordings by Pinky Andrexa, illustrations by Australian graphic artist Graham Ramsay (some by Pinky). Backgrounds and 3-D titles by Graham Ramsay including animated titles. Book design by Elaine Davis and Pinky.

This CD took the best part of 6 months to make and contains 41 illustrated web-style poetry pages with music (some written by me), 19 video recitals and 12 audio recitals, some of which are musical. Two of the musical recitals use the amazing music program Rave Ejay, with kind permission of John Silvera at Fasttrak. I used Rave Ejay (which is based on wav sound, not midi) for its 8-track quality and broad range of music samples and sound effects. For more info on that program, click the Ejay logo link at the bottom of this page.

The videos run either from the video menu, or from the Video Box program, which can be accessed from the initial Book menu. You click one of the small red squares on the black video box screen (see stills from videos) and another box appears at the side, with a pull-down menu, then go to D and the video list appears below. You can select which ones you wish to view, then press play. Some of the videos are one verse only, where the poems were long (because video files can get huge), but some are the full poem. Here are two stills from the videos:

part 4: Love, Fate & Time
verse 1: Revenge of The Popple People

The CD also contains animations, scans from my Rogues' Gallery rock star painting exhibition and a broad variety of photographs taken in Holland, Venice, England and Ireland. The photographs are royalty-free for any use.

Anyone wishing to order the CD - click the Amazon link below to go directly to the page where it is listed. It should arrive within 1-2 weeks.

was used on CD wav recitals "The Recurring Nightmare" and "Whale Song" - click logo for more information on this fun music program.