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Sara Russell

I am a poet and artist living in West Sussex, England, with my husband Tom and until recently, my cat Miggy, who died of colon cancer in July. I have written poetry for many years, entered around 10 competitions, and been a semi-finalist twice and short-listed about 4 times. My next goal was to win a major prize so that big publishers might consider publishing a themed collection of mine, of which there are several. I am glad to announce that now I have - the Kedco Artist Profile Press Internet Arts Award 1999, First Place, for my poem "The Insomniac's Prayer", which appears on their new Prizewinners' CD rom anthology. I also won a runner-up prize in the Capricorn International Love Poetry Competition in 1998, after years of trying, with my love poem "Appendage".

Most exciting of all this year has been being given the chance, by Kedco, to make a CD rom of my poetry, which includes video and musical audio recitals, also animations and some stunning artwork by the Australian artist Graham Ramsay. It is Kedco's first-ever CD rom with video recitals.Click here to visit my announcement page about it, which includes stills from two videos and a link to the amazon.com website.

For any poets interested in submitting work to Kedco Artist Profile Press, here is a link to their website:
Kedco like to give at least two new writers a chance each year.

I hope these pages will informative and of help to other poets. Let's make it fun, too, and communicate with entertaining emails and poems (you can have your own poems displayed on the Guest Poets link free of charge, and your proprietory copyright will be mentioned next to your name). Here is where useful addresses can be exchanged, along with useful ideas.

Photo links

Me in Amsterdam on a beery boat trip.
Tom, my husband, same beery Dutch boat trip.

I also do fantasy paintings of heavy metal stars. This one is of Nikki Sixx from the American band Motley Crue, and he's the bass guitarist. His tattoos really caught my imagination, and the whole landscape surrounding him is based on some of his tattoo designs. The title is The Sixx. This one is of Alice Cooper, the outrageous shock-rocker and trendsetter for heavy metal. The scan is slightly crooked due to my photography, as I don't use a tripod. Title: Alice at home, and this one is Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, title Hot Narcissus.

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