What's it all about then?

CAFE SOCIETY is for all you struggling poets out there who want to get your work noticed and/or published. Through this page you can get useful addresses (some of which are more receptive to brand new poets), send me useful addresses and showcase some of your own work, as a guest poet. Just email a poem (or an address) to me. There are also details of competitions in the UK. If you know of any in the USA or elsewhere, please let me know and I will add on the details to the relevant link page.

You could choose to display a poem on the Guest Poets link (your copyright will be mentioned next to your name) or if you have a home page showing your poems, you could have a link from this page to yours, to help publicise it.

You can copyright your poems by mailing a bunch of them to yourself! The postdate proves when it was originated. Use registered post. And never give up, poetry is easier to get published than books. And here, for the first time probably, is lots of info just for poets, all in one place.

For example, publishers often make their money by producing anthologies, copies of which they sell to authors and authors' friends. There are some good small publishers who do this - you only need to buy a copy for yourself and/or relatives, you do not pay any part of publication costs. These companies are very good for giving previously unpublished poets a first break - and once they know you, they will let you know of all forthcoming themed anthologies. Beware, however, of seemingly large, profit-oriented publisher/ organisations bearing gifts (junk mail). They may try to entice you to buy huge expensive books with just one example of your work.

There you go, some useful info already. I hope these pages will help other poets as well as being a place to show my own work. Best of luck to you all!

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